Joseph the dreamer

Joseph the dreamer


Joseph the dreamer

And the brothers
Jealous of Joseph
Sold him to Egyptian merchants

They then killed a deer
took its blood
And made their father believe

He is dead…!

Joseph being In Egypt
explained the dreams of others
And soon got noticed by the pharaoh

Pharaoh called him Tsaphnath-Panéach
And gave him Aseneth, daughter of Putiphar
The priest of On to be his wife

And Joseph left
To visit Egypt

The revealer of secrets
The One who reveals mysteries

Most High spoke and he lives!

Joseph the dreamer
Complex of the pyramid of the pharaoh Djoser, Saqqara, Egypt


A video

Joseph in Egypt

Ancient Nubia



The belt of Egypt

The Egyptian belt

The belt of Egypt

A mysterious linen
Known as the shroud
With a 3D image of a man

A photograph taken in 1898
Revealed the image
Of that man

Since then studies
Have piled up
And also the evidence

The image is not a fake

and there is more to it
than the eye can see

The man within
Wore an Egyptian drawer
And belt

With the patterns
Of the African python


A resume of scientific conclusions

Rice, Anne / Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt / Signed First Edition Book

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A scientific projection of the images

Watch a recent presentation of the shroud

A cartouche and a title: Behold, the lamb

The Egyptian belt
The Egyptian belt

The Lord of Two Lands

The Lord of two Lands

The Lord of Two Lands

Upper Egypt (South)
Hedjet – the white Crown

Lower Egypt (North)
Deshret – the red Crown

The land of Kermit
The frog

The land of Sobek
The crocodile

The most powerful person

Lord of the Two Lands
High Priest of every Temple

Ruler of Upper and Lower Egypt

Owner of the land
Lawmaker and Tax collector

Representation of the gods on Earth

Performer of rituals
Builder of temples

To honour the gods
To honour men

Hyphen between
The visible and
invisible land


Em Hetep

Be In peace
(in Ancient Egyptian Language)

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