The riddle of the sphinx

The riddle of the sphinx

The riddle of the sphinx

An important element
in Sophocles Oedipus the King
is the Riddle of the Sphinx

What crawls on four legs in the morning
Walks on two feet at noon
and stumbles on three feet in the evening?

But today
An even more important riddle
Shackles historians and egyptologians

The head of the Sphinx

It seems to have been layered later
And the Sphinx was probably
A lion?


The cosmic place of the sphynx
Refers to the era of the lion
Long before Egypt existed

And the ram
Used as symbol
Comes many eras later

An unusual explanation

Is Anubis the ancient Sphinx?

The riddle of the sphinx
the sphinx cat in the gold background



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2 thoughts on “The riddle of the sphinx”

  • The answer to the riddle of the sphinx is: people. I thought that some of us might like to know. You are saying that the cosmic place of the sphinx refers to the era of the lion. Can you please explain a little bit of the background of cosmic places? I must confess that I am totally out of my league with this article.

    • hi Jerry,

      Yes… so is thought: birth, yourh, death. Menkind. 

      The cosmic place = the constellation the sphinx looked at when it was build, in this case leo. All the signs of the zodiac are constellations, one of them being the constellation of the lion. 

      Since the sphinx was discovered (most of it was covered with sand, except the head) many have speculated about his function,and the reason of its being. The cosmic place is one of the theories that goes.

      Thank you for asking!

      Em Hetep


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